Day 42 – Y2




Let us divulge in some nostalgia and revert back to the fourth of November 2012, where I state, in my penultimate MoT blogpost, the following things.

“This time in ten days I will be back home in England. I have a list of things I need to do before I arrive back home. One of which is to get into college out here.”

“On Wednesday, Steve the Goalie, Kristian and I will be travelling down to Wittenberg, which is a university in Ohio. This 12 hour round trip could be a very worthwhile trip indeed. If I got into an American college I would be happier than the fatty who won a free big mac at the Bulls game when it got fired out of a canon. Mind you I’d be pretty happy if I won one too, but I digress. The point still stands; I want to go to university out here…

Just in case I haven’t mentioned it yet, I want to study in America.”

I have never emailed so many people, had so many deep conversations with my father and called the other side of the world so much. Persevering pays off. There are so many clichés about ‘trying so hard you don’t take no for an answer’ but I’m not going to go all Warren on you, because after all, he’s a tosser. Anyway, it would appear that taking no for an answer has got me to where I want to be.

Wittenberg have taken a big ol’ gamble on me, they’ve slashed their monetary requirements for me down by 62%, they’ve put me in touch with the right people constantly and above all they’ve welcomed me.

I’ve been out here for a month and 12 days. How many of you from home have Skyped me? Oh.

Since being back I’ve witnessed unreal weather, from flash-floods turning football pitches into lakes and Steve suffering from sunstroke on the first day of warmth. He’s also burst a blood vessel or something in his middle finger and also dislocated his middle finger. I may pass the title of ‘sicknote’ onto Steve. Sicknote Steve is on par with Stitch-Up Steve.

Jamie and James are new. Jamie has ‘crazy funky hair’ according to an eight-year old. James is from Manchester.

Kristian cheats at shotgunning for the front seat and also at naming the 50 states, thus earning himself a nickname of Bullshit Bover. He also made his kids do push-ups today. It was 28 degree heat. That’s the General for ya.

Sunday was the loudest I have ever screamed in my life. All I’m going to say is HOGGGGGGGGGG……. DEEENEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

I haven’t bought that much this time around. I think I will leave my suitcase out here when I go back home in whenever it is, probably early July, then fly back out to Chicago, then drive from here to Ohio. Anybody wanting to drive me is more than welcome, I’ll buy you lunch and give you gas money and will also tell you many tried and tested stories which you will laugh at. Francesca will verify that my stories are spectacular, wont you? Yes, yes she will.

When people find out about bands I’ve known about forever it used to really bug me, cos im well hipsta, but Bastille’s recent recognition is making me happy. All I will say is Flaws was downloaded onto my laptop on the 13th of June 2011. holds hands up and pulls classic Josh Marks smug face whilst shrugging shoulders*.

I’ve been out for dinner once with Brathleen since being back, I should see them more, getting a balance between new host family, old friends, new friends, work and the other coaches is quite hard, but I guess if that’s the only problem I have out here I can’t complain.

The new host family are all so clever. Cameron (13), Charlie (12) and I were discussing the North Star tonight, they taught me so much. I coach Claire (8) and her sister Caitlin (6) so threatening them with laps is fun.

On day 68 of last years blog I put a song called Fine By Me by Andy Grammar, I went to see him in concert with Kristian. There was a support act called Andrew Ripp, he was better than Andy Grammar. Take a listen, he will also feature in my newest 8tracks playlist.


Snapchat is superb.

In a few days a package from home should be arriving. Inside said package will be one Marksyyontour snapback. If anyone would like one then let me know, this is genuine, you may have one for $25. Facebook me if you want one. Or a t-shirt. Or something.

I should proofread this as I’m beyond tired, but alas, I’m not going to because I’m a bad ass mother, who wont take no crap out of nobody.