Actual Photos

The John Hancock Centre

the beach

car view

inspirational shit right?

White Sox

we iz cool


Al and I

beer and a bath = ballin’

perfect toast

predrinks innit

Aidan Evan I

home alone house

Gym dans ma basement

Evan Aiden Kate Me

Pizza and Doug

The Brathleen House

The Baha’i Place with Onka and Aiden

My Hotel For One Night

MiniGolf Place

Man in Starbucks


Chicago Centre

the ‘British’ section

From the JewCrew


2 thoughts on “Actual Photos

  1. Hi Josh, I had the pleasure of driving your car to my office today, don’t worry nothing happened and it drove very nicely however just wondered why you have 6 bbq sauces and 2 ketchup pots in your door?
    I saw the evidence of use on the passenger door handle it had bbq sauce smeared all over it –
    I guessed – the pots in the door was for your usage when you forget to ask for it and on the passenger handle I surmised Nick was probably the last passenger in that seat!
    Also very disturbing news where has the Elvis tin gone!!

  2. I made sure i brought the Elvis mints with me! got them right here Tone. And that isn’t bbq sauce that mess on the door is from when we got the car serviced, been like that since then


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