I am almost exactly one quarter of my way through my first year at college. Let that just sink in for one moment. Surreal.

Tomorrow I’ll have been at Wittenberg for two months, although it feels like longer. It’s amazing here, it’s like a bubble where niceness is reciprocated to one another. There isn’t one person who I’ve spoken to that I dislike, there are a few people I’ve never spoken to who we (soccer freshmen) don’t like – but that’s for another time.

By the end of my four years here I’ll be saying American words instead of English, purely because trying to describe words like pillock and plonker and wally are too difficult so I’m just gonna conform.

As far as academics are going I can’t complain, it isn’t overly difficult but it isn’t too easy, it’s a solid balance, except for my Wittsem. A Wittsem is a class just for freshmen so we all get the hang of what’s going on, it counts for nothing except 4 credits (which are necessary for graduation) so they’re somewhat irrelevant, but also, not… Anyway, in my Wittsem on Wednesday and Friday of last week we did arts and crafts. Seriously, like, cutting out and colouring in. Ridiculous that I got out of bed for that.

I got marked down on an essay the other day for not typing in American, as in, colouring is coloring and so on.

The soccer team are awesome, in fact all the sports teams I’ve socialised (socialized) with are cool, but to have 25 guys on a team and to get on with all of them is a pretty decent thing to have. 

Me and my shocking haircut, which has since grown back fully, are on the website from last weekends game which you can see here.

I’m kinda just writing for the sake of it now and I have practice soon, but just know that I miss all you fellas and ladyfellas from home, and I’m home for Christmas so I’ll see you all then.


Chip chip cheerio (apparently all British people say that…)




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