Day 89



We went fishing, the fish didn’t bite and I sweated more than I have ever sweated just standing still. Literally had a puddle in my shorts.

I had the worst stomach ache ever so I ran to the bathroom and whilst in there the light turned off because it was on a sensor. I ended up waving my arms around frantically and it still didn’t turn on. So I had to waddle with my shorts down by my ankles and move around hoping that the light would turn on. Eventually it did, but it only made me sweat more.

After 15 minutes I left the toilet and heard, “JOSH, YOU SHOULD SEE THE CATFISH STEVE CAUGHT” eventually we all caught fish (except Kristian, bless him) and that was our dinner.

Adam dropped Kristian and Steve off to cook the fish, whilst we went out for a few drinks and chips for the dinner.

The catfish was filleted first; we ate it and put it in the sink. An hour later we looked in the sink and the catfish was still moving. So essentially we ate a fish that was still alive. I felt a bit bleurgh about the ordeal, but it tasted decent so I’m over it.

We then left and went back out to fish. The cooler we used had a hole in it which we only realised once it had dripped fishy water all over Kristian, there was an ants nest on the floor where we had previously dropped some of our chicken liver bait and none of us caught anything bigger than 3 inches long, it was a waste of time really but still a good laugh.

I also skyped Daisy for the first time since being here, she wants a snapback. I want Caggie Dunlop, looks like neither of us are getting what we want eh?



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