Day 88




First day of our week off begins. We decided between us that Washington DC would be our destination for the day.

On the car journey up I carried on playing my FM season. Steve and I witnessed the greatest ever comeback and we genuinely erupted when the winning goal went in. 22 year old Manuel Leça scoring a 20 yard screamer in the last minute from 2-1 down to 3-2 up v Arsenal. Can you tell it meant a lot to me?

It was at least 100 degrees, and even if it wasn’t actually, it certainly felt like it. I was sweating from the moment we left the car to get on the train.

Instead of me writing loads of tales, here are a bunch of photos of the day.

We went to the Washington Monument first:

Followed by the White House.

Ending with the Lincoln Memorial.

We decided we would try and be cultural and so we headed off to a few museums. There was a McDonalds inside and we had trudged through the Washington desert so we rewarded ourselves. None of the boys had any cash except for me and the card machine wasn’t working, so, surprised surprise I paid for it all. Obviously the boys paid me back but I was skint for the rest of the day. I don’t like not having cash on me out here because my card is so hormonal.

I decided I was intent on buying a Washington Redskins hat so we braved the heat again and searched for an Urban Outfitters. I almost got pickpocketed but ended up being safe. As we went into UO we saw a kid getting arrested for stealing over $200 worth of clothes. To say I didn’t feel safe was an understatement.

I left there empty handed but ended up buying a hat next door anyway.

We got to the train station and topped up our tickets with the little money we had left. None of us had any change and once we got to the other side we couldn’t get out because our cards didn’t have enough money on them. The bloke in charge let us through though, if we weren’t English he probably wouldn’t have let us through.

On the car journey home we saw this which exploded as we drove past it, near death experience right there:

We got back from DC and picked up my bags from Kev’s house. We grabbed our previously bought chicken nuggets, took them back to Jeff’s house and then went to bed after a few games of FM and a few quizzes on Sporcle.

I love Sporcle.



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