Day 87




It took me at least 2 hours to pack up my suitcase, sometimes I can barely fit everything into my suitcase, other times I can fit it all in and have enough room left to place a dwarf inside it.

Someone told me Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was actually about cocaine and the dwarves were all the side effects of it. I can actually believe that.

So, after packing, Fussell, Steve and Kristian came over to watch the Italy v Spain final. I bet Steve $5 that Italy would win. I was confident but I’m not sure why in hindsight.

Fussell cooked us lunch but I can’t remember what it was, all I remember is it tasted good. Wife material or what?

The girl Adam met the other day at the deck party in Olivia’s, Katie, invited us to go to see Ted in the cinema. I’m pretty sure that we were the loudest people in the cinema. I couldn’t control myself. I despise going to the cinema with girls, you don’t talk to them, you wonder if they’re bored, you can’t laugh at the sexist jokes without feeling like a slap is coming your way. It’s an absolute nightmare all round.

Katie brought a friend with called Christine. I think it was clear she had a boyfriend before she even said hi. Body language people. Body language.

We left and went to Katie’s house as she has a swimming pool, my hands became all pruney and horrible. I have a weird thing about me, well, I have a few, one being; if my fingers are pruney then I can’t touch paper, it freaks me out, it feels so gross, even typing about it makes me cringe.

After swimming we all left and played mini-golf, the first 9 I was in 4th place (out of 6), all I’m going to say is, it’s a marathon not a sprint. I ended up in second.

We left and went to McDonalds. Things that really annoy me number 437: people who spell McDonalds as MacDonalds. No. No no no. I went for a drive in the drive-thru with Kristian. I love driving. I really miss Elvis (my car). I wonder if he misses me.

Eventually we got home and Kristian and I started a network game on Football Manager. We were both Spanish teams but it was beyond boring, I couldn’t deal with it. I like doing things at my own pace, like eating, getting ready, and playing FM.

I dislike being rushed, but I do leave everything until the last minute.



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