Day 86



Absolutely nothing happened until about 5 o’clock other than Fussell and Kristian came over and we just sat on our laptops doing fack all.

All of us were invited to a small concert miles away, Kristian took this photo and instagrammed the hell out of it:

We left to watch a guy called Josh play with his band at a vineyard up in the mountains somewhere. I had no signal up there, bad, but we got free drink, good. This was the view:

The moon was full and after getting a taste of the wine there it wasn’t long before we drove to the Beer-Mart, got some for Jeff too and we were there playing NABP (whoever remembers what game that is wins 1 Josh Marks point).

We ate crab for dinner. It was horrible to actually take the crab apart but it was pretty tasty.

I apologise mother Marks about the amount of alcohol consumption that has taken place. I exercise regularly, have my five a day and make sure I brush my teeth twice a day so I think you should forgive me for this little misdemeanour xxxx.

These Josh Marks points are priceless; you cannot trade them in for anything but they are expensive. It works for every age group. I genuinely got 3 15 year olds to run after one football to see who could get it to me first in return for 1 Josh Marks point. Again, I felt powerful.

Talking of NABP and 15 year olds, Fussell and I dominated Bryar and some other girl at beer pong. Although we only won by about 3 cups, it doesn’t matter. A win is a win.

Another guy called Josh gave me a lift home; I came home to an empty house because Kevin and Ashlyn trusted me enough to be in their house for a few nights without me being there. So I did a post-Area move. I got home, had a bowl of cereal, had a cup of tea and crashed out. Not an eventful day really and the photos of the vineyard don’t really do it justice.



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