Day 85




I’m 91% sure I want to get a tattoo, not for the hell of it, but because I want to remember that time when I was 18/19, went to America on my own for 7/8 months to coach kids, go on road trips, drink local beer, meet new people and travel around. I think that’s a valid reason. Better than getting barbed wire around my bicep right?

Because my camp ends at 10:30 we got all of the kids in for the final day to clap my kids through the Wembley walkway. One of the girls I coach, Merina, ran up to me, hugged me and called me the best coach ever. No comment.

I went back to help Chris again before his session ended, we had a massive water fight. Cue the action photos taken by Kevin:

I went to talk to the head coach at Gettysburg College, he’s the women’s coach but that’s because the men’s one was in. He’s a Tottenham fan so we had a bit of banter. We traded numbers and hopefully he can help me out.

I came back and helped Kristian’s lot out again. They were so tired from the week in the heat (that’s what that camp should be called) so we changed it up a bit and played this in the playground:

Kevin and Ashlyn had family and friends over for dinner so Violet was shipped out, Luke was at friends and Sedona was pottering around. I came back from getting my haircut, got showered, said hi and bye, then left to play pickup in one hundred degree heat. One. Hundred. Degree. Heat.

I played in goal for the first 45 minutes, didn’t really have to do anything yet I was still sweating. My boxers were chaffing so bad I thought a forest fire was about to break out between my legs, it was a nightmare. I came out of goal for the second half, scored with my first touch then that was it. I was dead. Couldn’t run anymore, couldn’t pass, couldn’t do anything. I thought I was going to pass out.

Fussell lost his temper. Kristian lost his appetite. Chris lost his shirt (because he was showing off) and Craig lost about 5 soccer balls (shocking shooting).

I got home to Kevin’s house and had an ice cold shower then lay on the floor in my bedroom unable to move for a good 10 minutes. I got a phone call reminding me that we had a barbecue organised for us so I had to drag myself up and get dressed. Sweating after a shower is awful. I was so lightheaded and knew I was on a sugar low.

Got myself to the barbecue and couldn’t even eat anything, just had a few bottles of beer and a hot dog and that was it. I was ready for bed. Eventually we left the barbecue and we were on our way to a carnival to watch fireworks. In that moment there was the biggest flash of lightning I’d seen since being here. We went back to Jeff’s house for a few more cans then watched the thunderstorms:

Jeff gave me a ride home and I skyped a tipsy Brie for a while before I fell asleep on the floor.



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