Day 84




Kristian decided he wanted a helping hand with his kids. So, after I coached my 4-5 year olds, I helped Chris with his 8-10 year olds and then I helped Kristian with his 14-16 year olds.

You have to adapt so fast when coaching these different groups. If I said what I said to Kristian’s lot to mine then they’d all start crying. If I said what I said to Chris’ kids what I say to Kristian’s then they’d think I was being patronising. It’s tough to find the balance straight away though.

Kristian and I taught the kids how to do a bicycle kick and a scissor kick. I did a few demos and connected with every volley perfectly, even if they did go flying over the bar.

After practice Fuss and Kristian came back to mine to watch the Italy vs Germany game. We made ourselves lunch and started looking at hotels in and around Philadelphia for the Coldplay gig, which we hadn’t actually booked yet either. It took us about 2 and a half hours to organise what was going on. After many huffs and puffs we booked the Coldplay tickets, booked the hotel and gave each other a congratulatory high five.

We went off to Jeff’s house (the camp co-ordinator and also Kristian and Fussell’s host dad) and I was warned that I was going to get attacked by dogs. This house is like a zoo, they have: 5 dogs, 2 kittens, 1 bearded dragon, 1 bull cobra and 2 ferrets. Look at these babes.

Mind you I was used as a climbing frame so my legs were scratched to shreds.

We had steak and mac and cheese, decent combo right there, before we headed off to Olivia’s deck party. Olivia’s is a normal sized bar with an outside dance floor and DJ. It was decent. We did shots with Sally (Chris and Craig’s host mum) and between us we received a plethora of girls’ numbers. We also got a shout out for being British and we successfully used the gayest photo ever as a chat-up line.

“Hey, right, think of Calvin Klein and Georgio Armani fused together with a motel6, yep, you got that..? That’s Adam on the right and myself on the left, nice to meet you”

A few drinks later Adam proclaimed that he had won the coaches lottery; basically, if you complete all your paperwork then your name gets put into a hat with all the other camp directors and if your name is pulled out then you win $125. Decent.

Jeff took me home and I had to have a sober conversation with Kev and Ashlyn who, I’m pretty sure, knew that I was intoxicated. Even though I didn’t drink any alcohol…obviously.
I’m so looking forward to my lie in on Saturday, even if I get woken up every morning by the brightness in the room:

Nice way to wake up though right?



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