Day 83




Roman still hasn’t woken up properly yet, I’m pretty sure he’s just stuck in Cali time forever. There’s a girl called Ellen who refused to do anything and so we had a debate:

Ellen – Coach I’m not playing this game.
Me – why?
Ellen – Because I don’t want to.
Me – But why?
Ellen – Because I don’t like it.
Me – You’ve never even played it before. But fine, if you don’t want to do it then don’t do it I don’t care.
Ellen – Fine but I’m not going to do it.
Me – Ok I didn’t say you had to do it, just sit out and do nothing.
Ellen – Ok but I’m not playing, I promise you I’m not going to play.

Arguing with a 5 year old is repetitive. To be fair to her she didn’t play, but to be fair to me I said I didn’t care, and I didn’t.

I helped Chris out again and the kids were starting to become little shits so we just let them play king of the ring for ages.

On my lunch break I went for a visit to Gettysburg College and Sabrina took me on a tour of the campus, she was nice and honest about everything. I hate bullshitters, especially salespeople who bullshit. Like the bitch who signed me up for something at the White Sox game and I get miss call after miss call every single day asking me if I want to go on a cruise for 2.

The campus itself is really nice. There are only a few single rooms in the whole college, mind you, there are only 2,600 students there, that’s how select it is. I’m not sure if I could handle that, I like being in a busy place, that’s why although I enjoyed my time in Alabama, it’s too spread out for me, I’m a city boy at heart what can I say?

I got home from coaching and did absolutely nothing. I sat there, on my arse, and vegetated whilst winning with Watford on Football Manager on my laptop. It was superb. I loved it.

Kristian and Fussell finished coaching at 3 so I waited for them before I did anything. We decided to go fishing and so we met Craig and Chris there. I caught an absolute whopper of a catfish, and then after I caught that absolute whopper, I caught an absolute monster!

Chris seemed jealous, I would be too. Fussell rubbed it in by calling me Kingfisher Josh.

Kristian and Fussell came back to my host family’s house to eat the fish we had previously caught; it was so good, especially knowing we had caught it. We played foursquare with Luke; here are some photos to prove the event occurred.

After the fish, Kevin drove us around Gettysburg and gave us a proper tour of the area. He just bought a new camera a month ago and he was enjoying taking thousands of photos of us boys. Here are a few pictures taken of us and the sunset. It was honestly so nice up there. It’s annoying when you can’t share exactly what you saw with other people, because the photos really don’t do it justice, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Fussell is on the left and Kristian is in the middle, in case you didn’t know who they were.

We drove around the battlefields and it was so hard to picture people actually fighting there. I don’t understand wars, I know it isn’t days upon days of non-stop war, but when it’s like, a battle, when do they decide when to stop fighting? Is it a mutual decision to just stop for a bit and go to sleep? So many stupid questions, so little logical answers.

We got back to the house and we had smores, Violet the dog managed to steal my whole Hershey bar without me eating any of it, and she did the same with Adam. The swine. I love smores, I’d only ever eaten smores in Israel before and now I’ve eaten them in Pennsylvania, I wonder if they’ll taste the same back in England.

All of the kids went to bed, as did Ashlyn, so it was just us boys outside. We has a look through all of the photos that Kev had previously taken on my laptop. We also decided to finally plan our week off next week for 4th of July. We mentioned Philadelphia and Kevin told us that Coldplay were performing there. We looked up tickets and they still had some left. So, I got on the phone to Steve the Goalie and asked him if he was up for going; he was. We’re so gonna go to Coldplay and it will be absolutely spectacular.

Kevin had an iPad app which we used as it was a clear night. Basically, you point the iPad towards the sky and it tells you what stars are there. With this app we managed to see Mars, Venus and Saturn. I absolutely love space, it fascinates me so much.
We talked about all the music we liked and shared some artists with each other. I shared this song:

Although it doesn’t sound overly enthralling, this was potentially my favourite night in the States so far.



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