Day 82



The kids are starting to come out of their shells a bit at camp, which is a shame because that always results in them talking to each other instead of listening to me. Zach wanted to demonstrate a skill he had learnt but I was busy talking, he almost pulled my shorts down to get my attention, so I let him do it. He did it wrong.

I finished my session at 10:30 as usual but this time I helped Chris with his session. Chris told his kids, who are aged 8-10 that I was a loose cannon and a tyrant, and that I wouldn’t take any shit from anyone. As soon as I went over to his session every child went silent – I love feeling powerful.

Kevin picked me up from practice, we had lunch which he made, it was the weirdest yet most superb concoction ever. It was bread with peanut butter with banana with honey. Put all of that together and then grill it in a pan on a stove. Crazy. Who thought of that? Whoever did deserves an American equivalent of a knighthood. Is there such a thing?
We left and went to the gym. I can tell why Daisy said that the blogs are very bland now, because all I do is eat and shout at children and go to the gym.

I came back with Kevin who asked me if I wanted to go fishing, of course I did. I absolutely love fishing. It’s so chill. When I’m back in England I’m gonna find a lake near me that’s good to fish in and I’ll just sit there all day. I need to buy my own fishing rod.

I was using a luminous green worm as bait and caught nothing. Kevin cast out with some chicken liver and was getting a catch every time. All the boys joined us after a while. Kev (yes, I’m calling him Kev now) was wearing the coolest sweater ever. It had PENN written on the front and had a big P on the back of it. I could see it being sold in Rockit in Brick Lane.

The catches were flowing and Kev was on chicken liver duty. We caught so many fish between us. We only kept these ones and we are planning on eating them tomorrow night.

Fussell and Kristian dropped Kevin and myself off at home after a quick trip to Wal-Mart where Fuss bought sun-lotion, Kristian bought Gatorade and I bought a gallon of chocolate milk to share with Adam.



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