Day 81



This week I was coaching the 4 and 5 year olds. The grass was about this big:

I had 8 kids to look after this week. One of them is called Zach and I already know he’s going to get an award at the end of the week – he’s beyond hyper but he also listens.

There’s a kid called Roman who was on a different planet. His father told me he was still on California time-zone. Hard life for some.

I was only scheduled to work until 10:30, which is a mere hour and a half so Kevin and I went to the college gym to work out. I have so much more motivation when there are people at the gym watching me, is that just me?

After making myself a salad for lunch, (I don’t know what’s going on), I proceeded to do nothing but play football manager. I forgot to mention that the family have a dog called Violet and it’s the perfect dog. She just strolls around and sniffs everything, doesn’t really bark and is perfectly house-trained.

The other coaches I’m with this week are Craig and Chris, so we met those boys down at the field after Jeff took us to the field to play pick-up. I played in goal and my performance was reminiscent to that of the Deportivo Lack of Fitness (DLoF) days. I also scored against Fussell from a goal-kick. In my head I thanked Steve the Goalie for teaching me how to actually kick a ball far. So, thanks Goalie Steve.

I got home to a barbecued chicken, marinated in heaven and happiness, with rice and chutney, it was superb.

Kevin and Ashlyn took me to an ice cream parlour called Mr G’s – it reminded me of Alex from back at home whom I said I would buy an American item of clothing for. I haven’t forgotten, but I also don’t have room in a suitcase so be patient sir.

There is a game at Mr G’s where you swing a piece of string with a hoop on the end and you try and land the hook on a little screw thingy. It is the most addictive frustrating game ever.

I met up with the other boys and we went to a bar for a few drinks. We had one drink and that was it. We were all too tired for anything else so we just went home. I went to bed at about 11 and crashed out.

This bed is in the top 5 comfiest beds I’ve ever slept in.



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