Day 80




We headed out of Charlotte and headed for breakfast. Which was of course McDonalds. I don’t even like McDonalds any more.

All of us entered Georgia. At the same time. Simultaneously.

We decided we’d stop off at Atlanta, which I assume is the capital of Georgia. I’m unsure. It’s really nice there though, of course it has some bad parts but everywhere does right? It was pretty clean but had no Urban Outfitters though which is a mighty shame. We tried to get into the stadium but couldn’t even get next to it let alone inside it. Plus it was nearing 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Coca-Cola was founded there so we looked at the window of the museum and decided we couldn’t afford to go in.

We asked a cop for a ride to our car. He declined. I saw this brick on a walkway and took it for my grandma – good ol’ Rhoda.

We decided to leave after I couldn’t find an Atlanta Falcons hat anywhere and we were sweating buckets. The car park was clearly too confusing for Fussell who drove us up 2 floors before realising it was just a 2 way road. There was a man who stared at us until we turned our car around. He reminded me of the crazy-arse bloke from Human Centipede. Whoever thought of that film is a sick fella isn’t he?

We stopped off in a place called Winchester which is in one of the Carolina’s, I’m unsure if its North or South. Buffalo Wild Wings was where my heart was broken by a pair of Ashley’s. I had a salad for lunch (crazy right?) then we watched the England game. There were a bunch on arrogant, typical prickish American’s watching the game with us. Three of them cheered on England, the rest said they like Italian food so they supported them. How classic American. I couldn’t watch the penalties. We left as soon as we lost and I put on depressing music in the car.

Eventually we entered Pennsylvania, specifically Gettysburg. We met the host families and I went back with a guy called Kevin. I saw him look at me for long enough for me to know that I was going to go with him and not a lass called Sally or the camp co-ordinator called Jeff. Jeff wore different coloured crocs and sported a Jesus beard with matching long hair. Kevin was more trimmed.

Kevin drove me back to his house which was about a 3 minute drive from the field. We entered Palace Drive and I tried my best not to smile. The houses were similar to that of Winnetka. Which is a very good thing.

He introduced me to Ashlyn, his wife, Sedona who is 12 and Luke who is 8. Someone had put a fresh pair of Duracell batteries in Luke because he didn’t stop talking or moving for a good 4 hours. Someone was showing off, but I didn’t mind, I felt wanted.

We had burgers for dinner then went on a small tour around Gettysburg. It reminds me of a Disneyland a bit. It all seems a bit make believe. It’s a proper tourist town because the civil war took place there in the 1800’s so there are stores and streets dedicated to it. It’s really different, I like it.

Kevin told me he works at the local university which is one of the top 50 in the states at the moment and told me he could get me in contact with the soccer coach there. We’ll see what happens.

I could see myself going to college in Gettysburg a lot more than I could Alabama. Probably because I’m a pretty boy.



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