Day 79




3 children turned up for a goalkeeping clinic. Nobody wanted to be there it was clear to see. It had been a long, hot, tiring week and another early morning really did take the piss a bit.

Despite this Fussell and I tried our best to coach for 2 hours in the searing morning heat.
The clinic finished and John decided to talk to me and thank me for the week, but this was merely a plan to get me distracted whilst a father tipped a cooler full of ice on my head.
Drenched, we said our goodbyes and headed off to UPS. We went to pick up Kristian who got the morning off. The next stop was to Rod’s house where sandwiches, nachos, watermelon and drinks were waiting.

They sent us on our way with 2 huge cooler bags full of food. The car was packed to the brim with luggage but we squeezed the sandwiches and crisps in.

The first stop, much like on our first ever trip, was to Wal-Mart. I splashed out $85 on a car radio FM iPod transmitter thing for the car. I was fed up of the radio and wanted some decent music. So the iPod went in, the songs were cranked up and we were on our way to Charlotte.

I had previously said to a few girls on BBM back home that I can get numbers of off 80% of the girls I ask out here (sounds arrogant… probably because I am). We were on the highway going about 70mph and there were 2 girls in a huge Lexus driving next to us with big sunglasses and flowing hair. I rolled the window down and just waved my phone at them. Maggie gave me her number. I tried to explain to Rosie how she did the number 0 with her hand. It was like this:

We stopped off at the next service station with the girls in tow. They kept their car running which is sensible, if I was a girl I’d have done the same thing. We chatted until we got bored.

I really like Lipton’s Ice Tea.

We giggled for the rest of the journey about how surreal the previous 30 minutes were.
Arriving in Charlotte we tried to find Michael Jordan but failed. I was sure he’d be there in our motel6. This motel6 was the nicest one we’d stayed in. We walked into the lobby, checked in, walked to the hotel room after hearing echoes of crying babies. This time we saw no hookers. Fussell put the key in the door and we shat ourselves. I have never been given such a fright before. What sounded like an army of Alsatians barked, and barked, and barked. We crept into the room because we thought they were in there. They weren’t. They were next door.

After I had cleaned the poo from my boxers and got into bed with Fussell (no homo), Kristian took a few snaps. This is what an 8 hour drive plus a motel6 does to you. Don’t judge us til you walk in our shoes yo’.



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