Day 78




I turned up for practice a bit earlier than usual. Julie brought a can of red hairspray so we all got St.George’s crosses on our heads.

The kids all brought water balloons and water guns with them to get us at the end of the day. Y’know, being the last day of camp at all that.

I handed out my awards to each of the kids and John handed me 5 Gatorade water bottles to give to them. They were happier with the awards than they were with the bottle. I call that a success. 1-0 to me.

The end of the camp was nice. Rod, our regional director (the new Ken), gave us $50 gas card to Shell garage which’ll come in handy. John gave us each a book and wrote a message in it. The book is about how he lost the left side of his body, his parents wrote it with him, it looks really gruesome yet emotional, he said “it starts off horrible and graphic, but it has a happy ending… I live”. Fair play.

The kids attacked us with water pistols and most of them had hot water in them because they had been out in the sun all day. Fussell got a cooler tipped over his head and I took Erin hostage.

We left with our respective host families.

I gave Andrew a few beatings on the Xbox before he finally got his own back and beat me at college football. Yes, they really make a college American football game. That’s like having a game of FIFA dedicated to solely academies. The stadiums would just be fields and the crowds would just be one man and his dog watching.

Angel’s parents came to visit so I sat and talked to them for a bit before Andrew ordered I play soccer outside with him. I did until I broke a fence; it was still a good goal though regardless.

We left and went out for dinner to a place called Jim ‘N’ Nicks BBQ Shack. The girl on the door was fit and her mother looked like she worked there too. She was hotter than her daughter, even if she did look like Barbie.

I had a double decker sandwich with brisket and pulled pork, as well as gravy and mash. It almost beat me but, after my 7th inning stretch I prevailed and finished it. I regretted that straight after. I could barely move.

We went back and I sat and packed up all my clothes so I was ready to leave in the morning. I wrote Andrew a message on a photo that Angel made for him which he seemed really pleased with. I hope the lad keeps practicing.



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