Day 77



I turned up to practice and couldn’t move. I’m not sure why, but my legs just wouldn’t do what my body was telling it to do. The heat didn’t help. It was too hot at 7am let alone at midday. Pushing on to 90 degrees and having children not listen to you is a recipe for disaster. I started a points system and just kept handing points out to the kids who didn’t talk. Eventually everyone started listening again. I’m gonna be such a great dad one day. Hopefully.

I think it’s time I become an uncle. Uncle Josh sounds good.

Angel said she wasn’t surprised I was tired. I think she thinks we got drunk last night. We didn’t I can assure you.

We went back to Julie and Jonny’s for lunch and chilled by the pool again. I wish I could get videos on to this website without having to upload them to YouTube but I think I have to pay for that which, quite frankly, I’m not going to do, unless someone wants to start paying me to do this. Basically, we got Miles who is 8, to lay on a bodyboard whilst everyone else bombs in and we sent him flying. Sounds boring, it wasn’t.

After a small snack we left the pool, got changed and headed down to the field to play some pickup football. The thermometer measured the heat by the pool at 101 degrees. We were prepared to sweat.

Kristian stretched me out before we played because I was tight like a tiger. Name that film.
Fussell and Kristian were on the other team to me. I had some guy called Brandon on my team who was the only other decent player on my team, although he brought his sister or girlfriend along to play as well, I’m not sure which, but wow she was hot. Her name was Savannah.

I scored 3. One through Kristian’s legs, one by taking it past a guy called CC and another one which was the match winning goal. Happy days.

I spoke to some guy after from a local college (university) called Huntington, he told me he could possibly get me a scholarship to play for them, Fussell said that I shouldn’t commit to anything because they’re not a very good uni and I could probably do better. Also I Googled them after and they’re a Catholic university. Not sure I’d fit in there being Jewish and all that. Not that I told anyone from Alabama I was Jewish.

Andrew came and watched me so after the game we went to Krispy Kreme where Tim bought a dozen donuts for $11. What a deal. I couldn’t eat one though, I felt so ill from playing for 2 hours in that heat.

I got home and sat down on the bedroom floor whilst replying to texts, bbms, tweets etc etc and realised that I couldn’t get back up unless I stretched. I went for a shower, ate half a pot of spaghetti, had a krispy kreme and went to bed.


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