Day 76




I really really hate it when I explain to a child how to do a trick, skill, move, anything and they say “oh that’s easy I can do that” – NO YOU CAN’T!! YOU’RE 6!! YOU CAN’T EVEN GO TO THE TOILET ON YOUR OWN WHAT POSSIBLY MAKES YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN DO A MARADONA TURN YOU UTTER CRETIN!

After practice we went to the local mall. Kris bought an Alabama State football jersey, I bought a memory card for my phone and Adam didn’t buy anything. There is literally no attractive people in Alabama between the age of 18-22. Mind you I’ve only seen one fit person since being here and that was a kid’s mum. Good ol’ Jennifer. I miss you, and your massive… eyes…

Emma tweeted me saying she preferred me being in Chicago instead of Alabama because “something something something… and you appeared to be knee deep in clunge there” in comparison to here, I was. For all my new found American friends, Google knee deep in clunge and prepare to be disgusted.

We went back and watched the Portugal v Czech Republic. Next thing I know it’s then end of the game. All 3 of us slept straight through the whole game and also about an hour after it too. Fair to say we’re all exhausted. Our job sounds like a doss, at times it is, but it’s still pretty much non-stop, especially as we live with the kids we coach.

We jumped in the pool to wake us up and got out to ring Joe and ask him if he needed us for indoor. He said they did need us but we couldn’t play because all their regular players wanted to play which is fair enough.

Coronas were on the menu once we got out of the pool and the kids were inside. First beer since I almost died. I’ve gone from having a beer a day in Chicago to having one a week. The concoction of Corona and lime simply cannot be beaten by any other beverage on a hot and humid evening in Alabama.

I finally met Jonny, who was cooking us a bbq in this huge steamer thingy. The chicken was different class. I don’t even know what the marinade was or how it was cooked, but it was devoured in minutes.

Jonny, Julie and the kids sat inside whilst we had a few more beers and chilled outside. Until we started getting bitten to shreds so we left to go upstairs and play Xbox. Fussell and I tried to work out how to get the TV to show the game we were playing but after an hour we gave up.

It was 10pm, all three of us were in bed and pretty much asleep by half 10. I think. Is it just me that finds it weird that you can never work out how you fell asleep, or in what position you fell asleep, or in what position you woke up.

Strange that.

Apologies for no picture, have a song to make up for it:



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