Day 75



I didn’t get a very good sleep last night, which is annoying especially as I claimed I’ve been sleeping like a baby. I had to get up twice in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. Mind you, I question the ‘sleeping like a baby’ simile. Babies sleep for like, 2 hours then just cry and piss themselves. Mind you I did have to get up to urinate twice so maybe I did sleep like a baby? Food for thought there.

I turned up to practice excited for the first time in a while. I liked the Wetumpka camp but the kids weren’t very polite, these kids are like angels compared to last week. We worked on control and I ended up teaching them how to dribble properly. 5 year olds don’t need to know how to trap the ball when its dropping from the sky, so we played stuck in the mud for a while before playing space invaders.

After only a week and two days I feel like I’ve figured out some things about children:
1. Never ask if they need the toilet, they will go just to waste time.
2. Counting down from 5 to 1 makes them do anything, just faster.
3. They are beyond competitive.
4. They laugh at jokes like this: “why did the washing machine cross the road?” “because there was dirty laundry on the road.”
5. Girls are always more enthusiastic than boys.
6. They have surprisingly good memories.


I went back with Fussell and Kristian to their house to watch the England game. Jason learnt about 8 players’ names, which I was impressed with. He also said “that Lescott man look a bit like Frankenstein”, he isn’t wrong. He also said “do you guys have speedos in England? They make men look real stupid”, again, not wrong there.

We went in the pool for a while and Kristian took a few snaps.

We were meant to go and play pick-up football at the field where we coached but we decided we couldn’t be bothered to go and play in 90 degree heat.
I got home and chilled, I get so tired in the evenings. The day just catches us with you at about 7pm.

I can’t work out if anyone cares about these blogs other than my ma and pa anymore, but I said I’d keep it going as long as I could and I stick by that.


One thought on “Day 75

  1. me, me, me! I still care about the blogs!!!! (I also still care that you KEEP on typing through instead of threw when talking about throwing a ball)


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