Day 74



First day of the Montgomery camp. We started with a mass game of sharks and minnows, a.k.a. British bulldog. Fussell and I were on people greeting duty, Kristian was pottering around.

The kids I was coaching were called Christofer, Lindsey, Max and Harrison. Andrew is another but he cried for the first hour and stayed with his mother. I executed the circle time superbly in the first day and my drills were a blast. I also bet the kids $5 that they couldn’t beat my time in an obstacle course. They couldn’t. Although to be fair they are 5 years old.

After coaching a lady called Julie told Kristian and Fussell they could stay at her house and said its ‘big enough for company’. We were all rightly excited. The garden was huge and had a swimming pool bigger than my back yard at home. Her kids, Jason and Jacob, and their cousins Kerrie and Miles were all excited to see us back at their house. We were equally excited, to see the pizza for lunch.

Julie’s husband Jonny wasn’t there when I was there, but she says they both grow fruit and veg in the garden so I had some home-made salsa. How this is blog-worthy is beyond me. I just think of things that happened that day and if they are good enough to stay in my head then it’s good enough for the blog.

I’m starting to get a superb tan.

We went in the pool, splashed about for a bit, through some kids off the side into the pool and flipped them off our shoulders. Went inside to get changed at travelled back up to Wetumpka.

We coached Ken’s team one last time. Kris and Fuss taught the kids set plays whilst I coached Charles again. I scored a screamer against him. He said he’d been practicing his punts (drop-kicks). I told him to prove it and he sent one absolutely miles. Good lad.

Ken’s team had a quick game against Mike’s team. We left after 10 minutes to go get some food at Pizza Hut. We treated ourselves to stuffed crust, meat feast and then bbq chicken. The chicken tasted like throw-up. It was vile. I was certain it wasn’t even chicken. I was even more certain it was going to wreck my bowels. TMI? Probably.

Fussell dropped me home and I went inside to see Tim beating Andrew at NHL. I played Tim twice, won the first one in overtime and won the second one on penalties. Keep trying Tim, keep trying.

I’ve decided Aaron looks more like he should be called Erin so for the sake of this blog he shall be called Erin.



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