Day 73



I woke up in the middle of the night and stretched out; forgetting Kristian was sleeping at the other end of the sofa. He got a lovely taste of my big toe. It was unintentional. Another night of not knowing if I was asleep or not was over as Ken came in and woke us up.
A bowl of cereal later we were in the car to Leslie’s 9 acre lake with fishing rods already set up. There were apparently poisonous snakes by this lake. Ken told us that the safest place to be is probably in the car.

We arrived at about 7am and it looked so nice:

There were catfish big enough to put both fists into. Nobody caught any though.
I cast out a few times, got the hang of it, then stopped for a while to shoot some guns:

The next cast I did after shooting I hooked this little one.

After that one the rest swiftly followed:

Here are a bunch of fish we caught. I topped the leaderboard with 5 catches, Adam got 1 or 2 and Kristian got 1. Although he claimed to have had 50 or 60 bites. Adam then declared he saw a snake. I was busy fishing, all of a sudden I heard BANGBANGBANGBANGBANG as Ken obliterated this little snake. It was a cotton mouth snake, which is one of the most poisonous snaked in America, which is always good news to hear.

The car was still running on the donut tyre so we drove for miles and miles to an Enterprise to hopefully exchange it. We prayed for a Dodge Charger. Enterprise had no spare cars which put us all in a foul mood. So we drove again to a Firestone store to change the tyre. Kris and I went into a sports store across the car park, it was like walking in the desert. My legs were jelly and my head was pounding. There was also nothing in the store worth buying. I’ve been on the hunt for shorts with zip pockets since being here. Still nothing. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the hunt for zips.

We drove back after getting the tyre changed and went back to Ken’s to pick up our suitcases. We said our goodbyes to Ken and drove off towards Montgomery. We were all sad to say bye to him but we knew we’d see him again soon.

John greeted us in the car park in Montgomery. He has one arm and one leg. He is a truly nice guy, and a practical joker it seems. Fussell and Kristian’s host family ended up not turning up, so they rang Uncle Ken and asked if they could stay at his; he obviously said yes. My host family were the Ashley’s again, which was good, no awkward hello and meeting the whole family again, I knew where to sleep and what to do, plus they’re a top family.

I got back, unpacked, and conked out at around 10pm. I sleep like a baby nowadays.



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