Day 71




The whole day I was thinking about the England game. I played games with the kids that they enjoyed over the course of the week. What’s the time Mr.Wolf is a personal favourite of mine. Brian kicked a ball at me when I told him to sit down. I glared at him and he almost cried. Josephine told me that her sister once broke a window. I didn’t care.

Drivers out here are crazy.

We went back to Ken’s house after our camp finale. The winners for the overall camp tournament was England. We didn’t rig it trust me. Spain didn’t score 1 goal which was unfortunate for them.

The game kicked off and the camera panned onto the Swedish girls, Ken wooped because he’s typically American like that. When Carroll scored that header I leaped on top of Kristian and the sofa almost broke, Fussell then joined the bundle. Ken seemed confused.

I went for a shower at half time and saw Sweden score as soon as I came out the bathroom. The room went silent when Melberg scored the second.

I’m sure Ana-Marie pooped herself a wee bit when Welbeck scored we cheered so loud.
We were in a buoyant mood and the highly acclaimed Bass Pro Shop was our destination for dinner.

This store is literally the best place I’ve ever been in. 2 floors of pure, unadulterated fun. We actually saw a store that said “fun sold here” on the side. Bass Pro doesn’t say that on it, but it should. It’s unlike anywhere I have been before. Think Toys’R’Us for huntsmen and women.

Here are many photos of us being overly childish.

For dinner we started off with Crawfish, Wahoo Wahoo (I think) and Calamari. There was no alligator on the menu today which was a crying shame. For my main I had sushi-grade tuna. Kris and Fussell had fish and chips. I think they were trying to be English in front of everyone, which worked to be fair as it brought many a laugh. Although Lucas having ribs in a fish restaurant made everyone laugh more.

Chuck’s children are the most well behaved kids I have ever met. The daughter, Abby, said “sir” after every answer. I genuinely hope my kids are like that. You just know she’s gonna be a straight A student.

We gave Mike, Ken and Chuck the contract that they had to re-sign; they had a little meeting to discuss whether they wanted UKsocca back in Wetumpka. Course they signed it. The past week has been an absolute blast. Alabama really isn’t bad.

We got an email saying we were going to Montgomery for next week’s camp. It’s a 20 minute drive. This blog post has taken longer to write than the drive will be which is good. This probably means we’ll have a mammoth drive next week.

I got home and unpacked my whole suitcase because it was too untidy. Brie rang me; I think she was slightly intoxicated. She also text me many embarrassing things. Her friend spoke to me and tried to do a British accent. It was shocking.

I shouldn’t be allowed to listen to The Weeknd anymore.


2 thoughts on “Day 71

  1. Excuse me sir but you called me while I was a bit intoxicated. And thank you for not including those texts. I am an idiot.


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