Day 70



It was humid as per usual for practice.

I gave my inspire award to Cole because he told me he killed a frog with his bare hands which made me laugh. Especially as he’s so small. He doesn’t seem to be a liar unlike Josephine who told me her sister could juggle 3 soccer balls and do a handstand at the same time. Although that could be real for all I know; you never know in Alabama.

We left and went back to Ken’s house. He told us we were going swimming at a place where kids live whose mothers are in prison. We were expecting a swimming pool with floating Band-Aids and a turd festering at the bottom of the pool. We were wrong, thankfully. It was so nice and secluded. Here is a photo of my mayor pose in the pool:

Here is the original Josh Marks mayor shot:

More to come.

Ken and Ana-Marie left with Igor the Brazilian coach and after I did my best superman pose – which wasn’t as good as it could’ve been – we decided to go back and watch the football match at Ken’s. I can’t remember who was playing, but Fussell, Kristian and I fell asleep watching it.

A huge “HEYYY Y’ALLLL” woke us up and we left to go and coach Marcy’s under 19’s team. It went from being absurdly hot to tropical storm conditions in a matter of minutes. The clouds were low, they merged together, the wind was howling and yet no rain. Then everything stopped. It was chill. The calm before the storm is not just an expression. Relentless rain followed and we left to go out for dinner with Ken and Marcy without even doing more than 5 minutes of coaching.

We went to a place called RJ’s Chicken. The waitress in there thought we were from Australia. Silly wench.

The stormed continued so we sought shelter in a sports store where we met Hunter a few days ago. He was cleaning the windows. Not that that matters.
I got home and Tim had bought Andrew FIFA 10. I feel like I’m really making a difference in Andrew’s life. When I first got there Angel told me that Andrew never really did much exercise. Since I’ve been here he won’t stop. It’s brilliant. He also took his football to bed the other night. I hope he carries on after I leave.

Erin’s name is actually Aaron but because they have an accent down here I thought it was Erin, my bad.



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