Day 69



It is starting to feel like summertime a lot more. The perfect weather is when I leave the house to go coaching. This is 7:15am. Any time after that it is too hot.

The children are starting to trust each other and now say thank you without me having to tell them. They also get each other’s soccer balls when one of them asks the other to do so. Cole and Brian cannot sit still. The phrase ‘ants in your pants’ are not a phrase here. Fussell put his coaching bag on an ant hill and fire ants got inside it and chilled out there until he realised.

We went out for lunch again with Ken. It was a small family run bbq shack. I had half a chicken and fries. That came to $4 – I should’ve known it was going to taste like hatred and disgust.

The local press were at the field yesterday, and when I was paying for my dog food I saw a newspaper next to the counter. Opened it up, who do I see? ME! So, you lot had better click on this link right now. It’s me, being famous, in Wetumpka. Mother and Father, email the link to the grandparents. Thanks.

P.S. Brian is on the right, Cole is on the left, just so you know.

We went back to chill at Ken’s then we went to Kristian’s host families house. They have 2 dogs and I decided to take photos of them, which I cannot find now. I was told not to let the white dog, Bella, lick me, because she eats poo.

We went out for dinner with them to a place called Dreamland. It’s a typical sports bar but the food there was incredible.

After, we went to play indoor soccer with Joe. Playing sports post-ribs is a bad idea.
Our team won 10-3. The team only scored 2 goals without at least one of us being on the field. I got hauled off before I was sent off. One of the opposition didn’t take too kindly to being schooled by a skinny little kid. So he decided to pull my shirt, kick me, then shout at me. I shouted at the ref for not giving me a foul, then shouted at the guy himself. Next thing I knew I was being told to come off by my teammates before I got into more trouble.

We left and I came home, hobbled into bed and listened to The Weeknd. I really need to stop doing that. It makes me think of Chicago, and comfy beds, and shisha and pizza and Corona.



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