Day 68



The weather is meant to improve today. I hope it does, it couldn’t get much worse.

The children started to come out of their shell a little bit. Cole doesn’t listen. But he has a fit mother so I forgive him. There’s a chubby child called Clayton who has a sublime mother. Gracie’s is younger than Clayton, but is also technically his aunt. I don’t understand it but it’s true. Welcome to Alabama.

There’s a fella called Joe who is a volunteer coach at a high school where he teaches, he came down to give us a hand and also learn a few new things. He invited us to play in a pick-up game (kickaround) in the evening.

Kristian, Fussell and I went back out for lunch with Ken and co. to a place called Fried Green Tomato. We lowered the average age in there from about 103 to about 85.
Afterwards we went across the road to a store called Sneakers. I bought this hat:

We went back to Ken’s house and watched the football for a bit. He fell asleep so Ana-Marie, Kristian and I terrorised him.

We went to play pickup and my host family came down to watch. I swear on my own life, I have never ever sweated as much playing sports as I did for those 2 hours playing. The heat was unbelievable. Plus Kristian wouldn’t pass me the ball unless I went 20 yards away so he could show everyone he could chip the ball as supposed to playing it short.

In the car journey home I almost passed out from lack of H2o. I couldn’t cool down. I had an ice cold shower. Beat Andrew at Madden NFL again then went to bed.

I had never quite heard thunder as loud and as long as I did tonight. The whole street got lit up by the lightning. Storms really fascinate me, I hope when I live somewhere I have a nice front porch I can sit under and watch the storms. That would be nice. Or a bedroom with a glass ceiling.

This song is kinda big out here – Marksy’s Song of the Day.



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