Day 67



I am currently in charge of Fun in the Sun – this means I am coaching 4-6 year olds. This involves numerous toilet breaks and many drinks breaks.

The humidity in Alabama is only similar to that of Eilat in southern Israel. When I went to Eilat it was 44°C – it’s only around 25/30° here and the air is so thick it feels like you’re running through pea soup.

We got through my first session – the kids I was looking after are called Brian, Josephine, Cole and Gracie. I can tell Brian will be my problem child. Josephine is a brown-noser so I will be using her as my example. E.g “wow look at Josephine! She was sitting down first! Excellent job!!”.

It started raining, and when it rains in Alabama, it pours. Within seconds we were drenched. The thunder sounded like a freight train above our heads. We kept coaching. All of a sudden, the downpour just stopped. Like a tap was turned. It was literally the calm before the storm.

10 minutes later 22 children were huddled under a marquee. The rain dampened Kristian’s mood, as shown here:

The kids went home and practice finished 35 minutes early. We went for a McDonalds to cheer ourselves up. This week is going to be horrible. The children don’t listen and I can’t understand anything the people are saying.

Ken is so funny. I don’t usually introduce people to you all, I let you use your imagination to decide what they look like, but Ken is different. We love Ken. Ken is about 5ft 5 probably, short black hair slick over to one side, yet somewhat bouncy. He absolutely LOVES football. He has about 50 different jerseys, knows a lot of players and has a fucking superb southern accent. There will be more details later when I know more about him.

Marksy’s Song of the Day:

We went out for lunch/dinner with Ken, his daughter Ana-Marie, a lady called Marcy, her daughter Cindy and 2 Brazilians called Lucas and Igor. These 2 guys are doing the same thing as we are but for a Brazilian company.

The restaurant was Mexican food. Here is me wearing a sombrero. Excuse my face, I wasn’t sure whether to smile or not.



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