Day 64



Kristian, Steve the Goalie and I went to the gym. We ate breakfast there and then we had a few games of basketball. I’m really quite shit at it. Although I blocked Kristian and shouted DENIED as I did it. It felt good. Steve is actually quite good. Mind you he should be good. He’s a goalie if you didn’t know.

We then had a quick workout which I could tell we couldn’t be bothered to do. I ran 2.4 miles in 15 minutes though which is fast.

I think we find out where I’m going for my first summer camp today, which is exciting, right? Yes. Yes it is.

We went from the gym to swap over the cars for the long journeys. We got there for 1 oclock which is when we were told we had to be there for as Enterprise were going to be there for 1:30. 3 and a half hours later we were still there. We had done everything fun and we just sitting there sweating for hours. This was a fun game to play though.

We ended up being late for our practice which started at 5. We got there at about half past. Kristian’s team were ok with it, as were mine. I ended up just joining in with the scrimmage for the rest of the session. And with that, my last session in the spring season is over.

I got home and Brent’s father and his partner were there. Sandy and Bruce. They seemed nice people. We got a Thai takeaway which was sublime. I had this beef stuff which tasted like nothing I’ve ever had. I think that’s because I’ve never had Thai food. When I get home I demand Juti takes me out.

I found out where I’m going!!!!!!!!

Kristian and I are still together, we’re with this guy called Adam Fussell who shall be called Fussell.

I started packing at about 10pm. I was on Skype with Brie until 1am. I still didn’t finish until half 1. I kept getting the odd Facebook inbox from a panicking Kristian saying “I haven’t even finished my washing!!” at 1:30am.

I said goodbye to Brent because I knew he wouldn’t be there tomorrow, it was emotional. I think he had tears in his eyes (he didn’t). Kate cried though. #Winning.



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