Day 63



Tony and I went to a Sports Authority which has 8 floors. There was a lot of nothing. It was like going to a carboot sale with £50 and not wanting to spend it because everything there iss shit. I ended up buying a hat. Tony bought 2 t-shirts and a baseball cap. This was meant to be shopping for my birthday, not yours Mr. Marks.

We went to a McDonalds for lunch and Tony declared that he saw the fattest man he’s ever seen in his life. I think that’s a fair point. There’s a Hard Rock Café and a Rainforest Café which, if I come back to Chicago, I have to go to.

If I’m travelling on my birthday I will not be happy. It’s in 2 days if you’re wondering. You can get me something if you like.

I got the train back and listened to The Weeknd the whole way home. I got off the train hornier than ever. If you haven’t heard of The Weeknd then listen to a few of his songs here:

I had 2 teams to coach today. 1 of the teams are unbeaten all year, they lost a few times last year. Does that say something about my coaching skills? Probably. We did a couple of drills to tire them out and then had scrimmage. I scored an absolute screamer, regardless of the fact the goalkeeper is only 10 years old; it still went top corner.

The next team after that are the team with that boy who scored loads of goals a few weeks ago. I coached them on free-kick taking. Max is good. Cody is good. Everyone else isn’t. I’m a coach, not a miracle worker. My parents turned up to watch me coach because they’ve never seen me do it before. They witnessed my first ever crying child. William was crying because Max kept on scoring against him. I told him not to be so shit and learn to kick a ball properly. I jest. He improved after our little heart-to-heart. Man Management – 17.

Steve picked us up after practice and we went back to the Brathleen household for a barbecue. It was really good fun. We played badminton. Steve said he had to go, I told him to wait 5-10 more minutes. The birthday cake came out and I winked at him, he was impressed with my psychic ability. It was the nicest cake. About 2 inches thick and chocolaty and has oreos in it. God I love food.

Brent and I dropped off my parents after the barbecue. I won’t mention how Steve the Goalie told everyone he had to go and help look after the kids but actually went to see Rikki. It was quite emotional saying bye to them but we skype a lot anyway so it’s cool.
On the way home we had a very inspiring chat about my future, if I don’t go to college I think Brent will be more disappointed in me than if his own kids don’t go.

I have a feeling I’ll be going to Tennessee next week.



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