Day 62



I stayed at Steve’s and we went to Panera Bread for breakfast. I got a free smoothie which is always a bonus. Unless it tastes shit. Which it did.

I locked myself away in my room and just played Football Manager for ages. I was so tired.
Finally my target of 300 followers had been reached. Simultaneously, Jill Helders reached her target, Clive, not so much.

Another 2 flies perished in my room today. There’s a little graveyard in the bin in my bathroom.

We had trials again and there’s a girl who has a weird name who I coach that is absolutely unbelievable. She is better than any boy I’ve coached. I have a picture of me and Alan’s team. If he’s not back in the Fall then I’m gonna steal them.

I went to a restaurant called Carnivale with my parents and the daughter of the couple whose apartment we stay in in New York. Sarah’s getting married to Kevin. He seemed shy. This restaurant was unreal. Here’s a picture of the inside. The bathroom smelt like cinnamon which was nice. Dear men of the world: why do we insist on aiming for the little tablets that are in urinals and then get annoyed when it splashes us?

Ended up staying at my parents again so we could go out shopping the next day.

As you can see, quite a boring day. For that I sincerely apologise.



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