Day 60



We went fishing a few days ago and I forgot to blog about it. Here is a photo of Bear Grylls dressed as me.

I still love Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Did you know it has almost one hundred million YouTube views?

The kids had trials today for extra teams. Extra teams are just for kids that are good. So they play one regular game on either Saturday or Sunday and then the same day they play an extra game.

Some kids were good, others were embarrassing. If you know your kids are shit then don’t publicly embarrass them! Although quite a few parents don’t understand football so they wouldn’t know if they’re good or not.

Prepare yourself for the soppiest few paragraphs I’ve written since being here. Potential lovers, ex-girlfriends, female admirers, beware of what you have to live up to.

I met up with the girl I met in Red Ivy a few weeks ago. Her name is Brie. Like the cheese. Weird I know. She met me at Ogilvie which is the train station Downtown. We went on the L to near where she lives. On the way there were these girls who got on the train and decided to scream everything they were saying. I was telling a story to Brie and then they went a bit quiet, I saw someone whisper something to her friend, they then turned and looked at me and giggled at everything I said. I’m such a sex symbol. Either that or they thought I spoke funny.

We walked past a liquor store, bought ourselves 12 beers: Corona and Bud Light with lime. Nick will be happy as well because she later said it tasted refreshing. I thought of you buddy. Portugal 2k10 fam. Brie wouldn’t let me pay for anything. What a doll.

Shisha bar was our next stop, we bought some blueberry cinnamon brown stuff, I can’t really remember the flavour. We got back and looked at and ordered ourselves a pizza. Jalapeños and all sorts. I set up the shisha and put on The XX.

Brie wanted to get her nose pierced, so we went. This tattoo parlour was huge; I have never been so tempted to get a tattoo in my life. I think I know what I’d want as well, whether I’d get it done is a different story.

We watched some episodes of Peep Show when we got back and she loved it. That’s wife material right?!

I will happily spend £1,000 on a decent bed than on a nice TV when I have my own place.



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