Day 59



I stayed in my parents’ room last night. Tony was snoring and there were sirens all night so I couldn’t get a decent sleep. It was one of those nights where you don’t know if you’re awake or asleep.

We went out for breakfast to a place called Cosi. It does Squagels. These are square bagels. These are pointless. I had oatmeal which practically tasted like snot. “What? You’ve tasted snot?” Yeah, really funny well done if you thought of that joke good one. Here is a photo of Brie’s squagel:

Because we got up at a stupid time in the morning and it was a Sunday there were no shops open. So we went to Navy Pier for a walk; it’s really nice down there. Tony took some photos but I haven’t got them yet, so blame him for me not being able to show you the photos.

We went shopping Downtown and I bought myself a t-shirt. I got this instead of getting a Chicago hat:

Afterwards we met up with some people. Basically, my mother’s brother knew these people who live out here in Chi-Town, my rents met them a few times about 29 years ago. They have a 21 year old daughter. She literally wouldn’t talk, it was awful. Nor would her father, or her mother. Basically they weren’t very talkative. Which was a shame, I like seeing people I haven’t seen for a long time. Note to self; don’t wait 29 years to see someone.

I made up many stories to fill the silence. It was practically a hippie music festival so there was lots of beer. Tony and I got pretty tipsy just to make the whole thing less awkward.

Eventually we left them, got a cab back to the hotel and then we went out for dinner with Brathleen. This was completely different to the people earlier. This was so much fun. I sat back smugly because I told both sets of my ‘parents’ that they’d like each other. I looked to my left and Tony was telling a story to Kathleen about China probably and I looked to my right and Sherryl was talking to Brent about her work. It was good to see. As if I was witnessing people becoming friends in front of my eyes. Cute.

I went home with Brathleen and we talked about drugs the whole journey back.

We got home and the Celtics won so Brent was happy.

I got into bed and contemplated writing a blogpost. I didn’t.



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