Day 58



My parents arrive here today for 5 days, it will be nice to see them. Although I don’t have any new stories to tell them because I blog about everything I do. Every time I tell a story back when I get home everyone will be too polite to say “Josh I read about this”, so don’t let me talk for 5 minutes and then say “yeah I actually already knew that” – tell me straight away. Thanks.

This song is superb, and if I was right about Rudimental being big then I hope I’m right here too:

I finally got myself a haircut by a girl called Elizabeth. Steve the Goalie got his hair trimmed by a small yelloweybrowney coloured skinned lady. I showed Liz a photo of what I wanted to be done, it was this picture:

It turned out pretty well actually.

Steve the Goalie, Kristian and I had to set up goals and fields. I still haven’t hit the crossbar from the halfway line which is overly depressing. I hate not being able to do something.

I usually look through my old tweets to remember what I did on that day, but I only tweeted one thing so I’m purely going by memory.

Brent, Evan and I went to a bike race. Brent sold it to me by saying “it’s just fun to sit and drink and watch people fall off of their bikes.” I was sold. We arrived during the men’s amateur race. We sat and I met Thomas, he was already pretty drunk. Brent and I got through a few coronas each, then went up to see the final part of the race where I took this picture:

A few more beers and Brent was riding Evan’s scooter whilst Thomas and I tried to convince Ev himself that he should throw an American Football at the cyclists. He didn’t. Good boy.

I got the train Downtown to see my parents. It made me smile when I saw them in the lobby. Good ol’ Sherryl and Tony. We went out for dinner to a Mexican place, which made me almost barf I ate so much. Why people over-eat at restaurants out here is beyond me, you can get a doggybag anywhere you go. Leftovers are shit. Unless you’re hungover.



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