Day 57



I haven’t started to write the date in an American way yet, but I am saying soccer involuntarily, 57 days and I’m a new man.

This is me; I still haven’t got my haircut – instagrammed beautifully by Kristian.

Candela found a future me in her English textbook, which is to be viewed here:

I really cannot remember doing anything interesting. I carried on my Football Manager season in which I have played over sixteen human days. That’s 384 hours of my life. I’m pretty sure I just festered in my room until I had to coach.

Actually, I skyped with Leo for an hour. We danced to Starry Eyed Surprise by Paul Oakenfold. I made sure I printscreened it for you all.

This is weird:

Enough procrastination. Next day will be more interesting I promise/hope.



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