Day 56



Every post from here until I catch up will be concise and to the point. NAAT. I can’t remember what happened that far back so whatever is in my head will be jotted down onto here to fill in the space. I hope you don’t mind. You may even agree with what I am saying. If you disagree, then feel free to tweet me your anger and/or disgust at whatever I may say.

It’s my grandparents’ anniversary today. I think it’s around 60 years they’ve been together. I may have made up that date. Nonetheless, half a century being married to one person and loving them for that long is a feat in itself. Every couple should get half of the years they have been together, given to them in monetary value. I.e. if you have been together for 50 years, you get £25 each. I think this will solve the ever-increasing divorce rate.

I went to Evan’s school for a picnic as Brathleen were working. It rained from the moment I woke up to go to sleep so the picnic was inside. It ended up just being me sitting there talking about The Queen, English motorways, Wimbledon tennis and Tetley Tea to a bunch of women whilst their 6 year old children ate their sandwiches. All in a day’s work.
Anca (Onka’s name spelt correctly) and I watched a Spelling Bee on ESPN. Every child who spelt a word wrong was white; every child going through was Indian-American or Chinese. Was somewhat mind-boggling.

Jimmy Reader finally joined Twitter. When’s him and Avicii are touring together you’ll wonder where you read his name. It was here you read it.

I am desperate for a haircut. This is me when I wake up.

I went to the gym with Steve and Kristian. We got in for free to Globo-Gym again. Kristian broke the scar tissue in my legs and I swear I almost cried. This is Steve getting his calves destroyed by Kristian.

And this is me welcoming all of the body builders to the gun show. Looks like we’ve got a Situation.

Coaching was called off because of the rain so we went to the Westfield to go shopping. I got Mary-Kate’s number in a shop. You still haven’t replied to my text. I’ll assume you’re busy then yeah? Bitch.

We went into a store which is like the Gadget Shop, 4front and any other shop where they have things you want but don’t need. They had this hacky-sack fused with a palm tree thing you could kick around. We played with this for a little bit but stopped before I broke something.

I actually broke something before and had to fix it. It was a 3D puzzle. I fixed it first time though. No biggie.



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