Day 55



Happy birthday sister Leanne.

We set off whilst I was still half asleep. My diet has deteriorated into pizzas, burgers and sandwiches. I’ve consumed more bread that a duck in Regent’s Park thus resulting in strange bowel movements. I can’t remember what I actually ate that long ago that could have contributed to such feelings inside me but whatever it was it wasn’t nice.

We arrived at some building 10 minutes from mine to meet with the founder of the company that I came out here with. He’s called Gary. Normal height, kind of skinny, dark/grey hair. Think of a mixture of Cliff Richard and Lee Evans and you get Gary. He is an absolute legend, and I’m not just saying that because I work for him. He’s honestly the most enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated person I’ve ever met. Sorry Idris.

Subway was on the menu for lunch. More bread which is always good.

We all went outside for a session on how to run a summer camp. I’m still confused about what to do but hey-ho. Gary was talking about people who are good at planning a session and bad at executing them. I’m the opposite, I plan nothing but manage to do decent drills. The ultimate blagger.

We did a small game where you tell someone what you like about them. Steve the Goalie told Gary that he liked his face. Make of that what you will. I’m just happy Pete got it on camera so we can forever laugh at Steve.

Dave, Kristian, Steve the Goalie and I went to Westfield so Steve could sort out his phone. We went to PotBelly for lunch which is like Subway – more bread. I swear to you, it was definitely in the top 4 nicest sandwiches I’ve ever had. Chicken and cheese and lettuce and tomato and jalapeños and peppers and olive oil and an oreo milkshake.

When I am of the ability to drive out here, I will be coming back and buying/hiring an old Ford Mustang convertible, getting my buddies and driving Route 66. It will happen. It’s on my bucketlist, as is having a coffee with Caggie Dunlop and smashing Harry Styles square in the face with a garden spade. I hate that curly haired wanker, I really really do.

Kathleen is in Florida with Aidan to visit her parents. Her father is Geoff who I spoke about on day 20 (or roughly round there, look yourself to find it).

I found out about Lennon and Maisy (before you did ‘cause I’m so hipster), but seriously, these girls are beyond a joke. So talented:

Ok screw that, just went onto YouTube to find a video of them and found this instead and I can’t stop laughing. See y’all in hell.



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