Day 53




The fact that I laugh at this clip makes me wonder why I’m allowed to work as a soccer coach for children:


I woke up at 10 knowing I was going to be meeting Isabel at 11. I decided to stay in bed until 10:45. Why do I do that? I hate being rushed yet I leave everything until the last minute. So I showered and got almost fully dressed in 15 minutes which I was proud of.

We left without a plan of where we were going and ended up Downtown. There’s a place which Isabel described as a giant jelly bean that’s kind of like a mirror. Which it completely is:

It was unbearably hot, I was sweating out of pores I didn’t know I had so we sought cover in her car. We went to the Water Tower, a small mall off Michigan Avenue. I wasn’t even tempted to buy anything which is a first. I then went into Topman for about the 5th time in 2 weeks. I still haven’t wanted anything from there. It’s just too expensive.

We went to Evanston which is like a student town, it has a few unis surrounding it. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and I had a whole crater of nachos to myself because she didn’t like 90% of the ingredients. Fussy eaters are such a pain.

American Apparel and Urban Outfitters were across the street. I only wanted to buy a bag in there and that was purely because I wanted to throw up into it. I was so beyond full, and the heat added to the meat sweats. Am I turning you on right now? I assume so.
There’s a really cool statue above one of the parking lots.

I went home and grabbed a few towels and we headed down to the beach and the bottom of my road. The sand flies were actually biting me and drawing blood. The little fuckers. I didn’t even get to kill one; the nifty devils were like dogs on heat. Never seen flies buzz around so quickly. Not like the one I murdered with a clipboard the other day:

We chilled for a bit and she dropped me back. I came home to some fajitas. If you guys don’t put pineapple in yours then you’re missing out big time.

Evan and I beat Brent and Kate at a game of badminton. Kate asked me if I know what badminton is. You think that sounds strange? She asked me if I knew what a passport is the other day. And if I knew what the hiccups were. Yes. Yes I do.

I went to some place you can look over the lake with Isabel, originally we were going to go to a place called Flat Top which is like a grill stir-fry place but this place is better. It was too dark to see anything and it started raining, then we saw lightening so we called it a night and went home.

I had a Krispy Kreme before bed, and it’s true what they say! A donut a day… will clog your arteries and could cause early death. That old chestnut.



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