Day 49



I’m starting to think in Fahrenheit. I don’t know the conversion rate, but its 2am and its 55F more or less, in other words, it’s warm. It’s meant to be 90F today, I’ll let you know when I wake up whether or not it is hot.

It is very hot. The future-tellers were correct, or forecasters as they’re better known.
I love being able to see the moon during the day.

We decided to go to the beach again but we went a little bit more central this time. Rikki and Melissa met us for lunch at an “amaaaazinggggg” place. It was Jimmy Johns, which is just an expensive version of Subway and not as nice. I have a theory. If you are loaded and you start up a fast food chain which sells horrible yet bearable cheap food and you open three thousand stores nationwide, would it work? Because I think that if you have enough advertising for something then you think that you actually want one. Like Apple does in New York City, everywhere you look is someone on an iPad on a billboard somewhere.

On the beach Dan and Kristian and I met an eccentric over-the-top man called Damian who wouldn’t let us walk further along the beach because he wanted to throw the American football with us. I was Marino, Dan was Tebow and Kristian was someone else who I can’t remember. My arm is hurting even more now.

We eventually left the lunatic and carried on walking, wondering into a beach separated off because it allows dogs onto it and the other part doesn’t. I don’t even want to imagine how much dog drool is in that lake. There’s a bit of the lake that you can walk into and it looks like you’re standing on water because the sand level is really high:


We went to Will’s pool after Jimmy John’s because it was too hot to just sit there. We chilled for a bit before we went to coaching and my happiness slowly evaporated, along with all of my bodily fluids in the sun.

87.7 is the best radio station worldwide. It is like listening to my iPod. (Slightly biased then I assume)

I downloaded a whole load of songs for tomorrow’s pool party, then realised I was doing it for the hell of it and deleted them because I knew I’d never listen to them again. I like having my itunes on shuffle and I hate having songs for the sake of it. I’m never going to listen to Karma Chameleon let’s be honest. So I’m sorry, but you got the chop.



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