Day 48



I had a workout at about 1:30 this morning for an hour because I couldn’t sleep. My biceps are absolutely killing me now.

We went to the beach in the morning and met Melissa, Jeremiah, Rikki and Isabel. Steve and Dave had a shot of the vodka that they were offering because: Dave is the most English man ever (as proven below, left) and Steve is too nice to say no to one/wanted to impress Rikki. (Don’t lie, I know you did). They were all cool people.

I’m actually good at throwing an American football, and Kristian is also a very good photographer as shown:

We left the beach and I went with Chris and Kristian to find a Chipotle for dinner. Apparently Chipotle is a better version of Nandos. Balderdash I declare! I’ll let you know if it is when I find out. We couldn’t find one, but we did find this guy! He’s Cecil Martin – he’s the TV presenter for NFL back in England. Random Celebrity Spot of the Day sponsored by Subway – which is where we went for lunch.

I had sand in my hair and ears and arsecrack all day. I don’t even like the beach. I just like the idea of it and its connotations which I enjoy.

Every time we do something chill during the day we end up being super-lethargic for practice that day. Today was no different. Anything the kids were doing annoyed me. Especially when girls scream when the ball comes near to them. JUST KICK IT! IT ISN’T A FUCKING GRENADE! ITS COMPRESSED AIR INSIDE A RUBBER BALLOON INSIDE SOME LEATHER STITCHED TOGETHER. KICK IT!

If you love Kasabian and hate One Direction then read this article.

I haven’t spoken to Red Dress Girl in a while; I wonder what she’s doing.



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