Day 47



I had a dream I found Madeleine McCann last night and she was in the back yard of my old opposite neighbour’s house. I wonder if she will ever get found. Scary how that was like, 2008? Or maybe 07. Time really flies. It’s kind of scary how fast in fact. There’s a song I listen to that has a speech in it that I run too and it says something like: “time is the greatest commodity anyone can have. It is equal for everyone and it is something that can never be bought, sold, or traded” – it sounds shit when I say it but its good trust me.

We’re trying to organise going to the cinema tonight. But the likelihood of us sorting it out is slim. Although if we do go then there will be a few fresh faces to the blog.

Nothing else has happened today so I’m gonna fill the gap with my first ever poll.

We ended up going to the cinema! Congrats to us for sorting it out. We saw The Dictator which was superb. I laughed when he said a few Yiddish words that nobody understood. I felt like it was our own private joke. I went in the car with Chris and Dan, Chris is the only other coach from anywhere not North of London so for the first time ever I didn’t feel like a posh twat on my own.

Matt will be happy to know that S.E.P (©) is catching on well.

I cannot believe some people still don’t know I’m in America. I had a Facebook conversation with someone and she didn’t know I was out here. Stevie you’re a bad ‘friend’. Not you Osborn.



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