Day 46




It’s starting to get proper sunny:


My extra-team didn’t have practice and they are the only team I coach on a Monday so I had the whole day off for only the second time since being here.

We had our weekly staff meeting on the pitches by the Lakefront. I had to deliver a practice session pretending all of the other members of staff were 6 year olds. The game I played actually made them into 6 year olds anyway – especially James, he didn’t want to lose any lives, especially as his planet would have been destroyed if he lost all 5 lives.

I went Downtown afterwards to meet up with Erin.

Before I actually saw her I went to get some food from Chick-fil-A, the only thing that enticed me from going into there and not McDonalds was a giant cow breakdancing outside the store. So to the employee of Chick-fil-A that hired the man in that suit, my burger I ate goes to you. There was a girl who worked there who had to be either high or had morning sex that day. I have never, ever, EVER seen anybody that happy in my life. This is regardless of the fact she’s working in a glamorised fast-food restaurant. She remembered every customers name from the moment they ordered to the moment they left.

How I know Erin is kind of weird. Long story short she stalked me off of, then onto twitter, then onto Facebook and then in real life.

We went on the L, which is like the Tube, just not as good, and went to an Urban Outfitters outlet store near her uni. DePaul University campus looks pretty nice. I bought a Wrangler denim jacket with fur lining reduced from $80 to $20, a t-shirt reduced from $34 – $12 and some WESC headphones for $20, originally %60. I can’t actually remember one thing I’ve bought at their original price since I’ve been here. Erin got a dressy-toppy kinda thing.
We went back Downtown again to carry on our (my) shopping and went into a Zara. Old Yellow Bricks was on and I impressed the cashier with my knowledge of the song that she only thought she knew. Sorry, Arctic Monkeys are quite a big band I’m afraid.

Eventually we found another Urban Outfitters so I felt compelled to go in and spend some more money. I bought these:


We went into a Starbucks which was deadly silent; I almost didn’t want to talk. I got myself an earl grey tea and the string broke off which sent the teabag plummeting down to the bottom of the venti.

I set a Facebook status for Erin about how much she loves British boys in comparison to Americans. This caused quite the ruckus. Had I known people would react to it as much I would’ve done a much better status for her. People need to relax more.


I took a photo on my way home from the city centre which I was very proud of, my phone however is a piece of shit and doesn’t save my pictures onto the memory card, so I can’t show you it which has actually genuinely angered me a little. If I manage to get it back I’ll post it on here.

The train journey home was more silent than the Starbucks. I felt bad texting whilst on it because of the clicking the buttons were making.

I found the picture! Hooray!


Does anyone else find it weird how if Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, or any other NBA, NFL, NHL player walked past me I’d have no idea who it is, but if Anthony McNamee or Darren Bazeley walked past me I’d recognise them straight away?
I found this cup in Urban Outfitters too which I enjoyed:


This album name is amazing: “Autumn, Or What It Feels Like To Fall”.

We went all went out with the German/Austrian nannies to a small bar called Stormy’s. We had a few drinks and a few shots and then I got a lift home. Nothing really spectacular happened but it was a good laugh. I wore all my new clothes because I felt like I had too.


P.S. Buy your own MarksySaysRelax t-shirt here

P.P.S sorry for wasting your time. T-shirts coming soon…not.


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