Day 45




I got a view from someone in the Dominican Republic for the first time ever. How many of you can say THAT ehhh?

Ever wonder who out of your friends will get married first? Well, Otis said to me that by the time I get home he’ll be 20, which is similar to a lot of people I know. In about 3 years from now people could be getting married. That is so weird. I’d like to live by myself or with a friend (and a dog) for a while before I move in with my girlfriend, just to see what freedom is like before the beginning of the end.

I really love this photo:

I went to watch Evan play football in the morning; he scored a hat-trick. I then went to watch Kate play, she scored a penalty. If your child is healthy, physically and mentally, then you can make them be good at a sport. It is simple. Just practice with them from when they are young. Obviously as they get older it may be harder for them to improve and progress, but until then, train with them and just get them to keep playing whatever sport it is they like.

Some tattoos are really cool. Some are not. I don’t know what I’d want to get if I were to get one. It would have to be meaningful, as opposed to something fashionable.

I watched some of the Social Network and this quote stood out:

“As if every thought that tumbles through your head was so clever it would be a crime for it not to be shared. The Internet’s not written in pencil, it’s written in ink.”

Sometimes I write stuff that I realise I shouldn’t and then this exact quote goes through my head. Maybe I’ll get it tattooed on me…

I went to Sunset Ridge to have a kick-around with Steve. We got to the field and Dave and Kristian were there. So were my team I coach on a Thursday. I was there to witness them get their first win of the season. This includes all of spring 2012 and also all of the fall season in 2011. This picture shows how unorganised the players actually are. Try and pick the player who scored 4 goals. I’ll give you 6 clever points if you get it right.

Lindsay then told us we had to do a 2 and a half hour coaching session for kids that just wanted to turn up and play. It was roasting hot and I had a splitting headache. She went away and returned with a cooler and some Powerade. What a hero.

Alan left to go home to Scotland for a while; we shall miss the lad, except when we’re looking for somewhere to park in Wrigley. God he’s a sarcastic bastard.

I stayed at the same field until my Extra team played their last game of the regular season. They lost, again, but they played well. The other team had this kid called Nathan who was definitely one of those kids that’s good at everything. I hate him.

The whole team and their parents went to Chris’ house after the game for pizza and dessert. His house has an indoor swimming pool heated to bath temperature more or less. I told them I hadn’t thrown a basketball since I was about 15, which is true. First throw I swished it. Felt like a don not gonna lie.

One of the parents is a buyer for Corona, or an importer, or something. Regardless he works for Corona so I liked him.

I came home stuffed to the brim with food. I crawled into bed and laid there. I was typing on my phone in bed when a moth landed on the screen and I dropped my phone on my face.


2 thoughts on “Day 45

  1. Were u drunk when writing this post?? Its so erratic and sporadic!!!!
    Dont let michael read the bit about ‘fashionable’ tattoo’s!
    Also, i dont agree, i hate that picture from batman, its freakin scary…
    And my guess is that the player who scored all those goals in second row up from the floor, on the far right as you look at the photo (am i the only geek who has had a guess at this?)
    And lastly, watch the whole of the social network, its a great film once you’re about 20 mins into it.

    • i wasnt drunk, but not a lot happened that day so i just filled it with what was in my head.
      He hasn’t subscribed so i felt like i could write it, if he does subscribe i’ll remove it!
      Close – it was the blonde kid to the left. I found out today he actually scored 6.
      Lastly, i have watched all of it, i think its a great film, so many good quotes in it!


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