Day 44



This song is amazing, especially to listen to when in bed.


It has been almost one month of me not spamming your Facebook and Twitter; subsequently it has been 1 month since my highest amount of views in one day. I’ve discovered Twitter is for people I like but don’t know – Facebook is for people I know but don’t like. Especially as more and more people who I do know keep unfollowing me… Laura.

I’m tempted to make a poll because I haven’t done one yet and I don’t know how to do it so I want to try. The poll will be excellent when I think of what it’s about though, trust me.

Brent was finally informed about the MarksyyOnTour blog – 44 days later. He seemed to enjoy it.

Just a thought – why don’t McDonalds do hot dogs?

This is pretty much what has happened to me since being here:

I got to the field at 1:45 and was desperate for the toilet, but I had to sort out moving goals and taking out corner flags and other such fun tasks before 2:00. Steve helped and we got it done just in time. Some random man came and took the game I was meant to be reffing from me, which I didn’t mind. So I went to watch a team that I coach on a Thursday. One girl got the ball smashed in her face. I really need to stop myself from laughing when this happens in future.

I went to find a Starbucks to do my business in, I found the next best thing, which wasn’t very nice but hey, and bought myself a Tropicana post-poo. It was so humid and I had a splitting headache so I sought shade. The game that the man stole from me ended and I expected to ref the next game. So I talked to the 2 coaches, told them the rules etc and then some other random guy came and took it off of me as well! So I ended up staying at this field for one and a half hours more than I needed to, which pissed me off. But I still got paid for it. Bittersweet.

Alan, Steve and the new coach Dave came over to watch the Champions League Final. I made sure I didn’t look at my phone all day long just so I didn’t know who won it, but the whole way through the game I had a feeling that Chelsea would win.

Brathleen cooked us all a huge bbq with steak, chicken, corn, tortillas, avocado, salsa, sour cream, beans. God I’m hungry now. It was really nice of them to actually cook all this food for everyone. I love how hospitable American people are, so much friendlier and welcoming than us Brits.

I found the man who coached me for my FA Level 1 Goalkeepers Coaching thing on YouTube, it isn’t very exciting, but if you’d like to watch it feel free. You should play a drinking game, every time the boy in yellow and black drops the ball; you have to have a finger of your drink. Good luck.




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