Day 41



IMAGINE BEING THIS CHILD!! I’m not claiming to be Green Day’s number 1 fan, but my equivalent is if I was an amazing drummer and Matt Helders was like, fuck it, you can do I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor live at V Festival or something like that. That would be nuts. OR imagine if One Direction were like, come on stage dressed as a penis and lip-sync with us for a song!! That would be super-duper right?!


I went Downtown with Kristian and Will. Kris and I went shopping/sightseeing and Will went to the beach. We went into an Allsaints store which looked like a sex dungeon, well, I assume that’s what a sex dungeon would look like, the clothes were absurdly expensive, plus it’s a British brand so there’s no point in buying something from there, may as well just get it from home. Likewise with Topman, an £18 t-shirt is about $35 out here, i.e. it’s not worth buying clothes from Topman.

We went to the top of the Hancock Tower and these were my views:

We had lunch at the top of the tower which was nice and homo-erotic. It was $10 for a sandwich which angered me. I’m sorry, this isn’t me being tight, well, it is, but no sandwich should ever be priced at more than $6, even if it has steak in it, it’s a sandwich, it isn’t gold or silver leaf, and if it is, then what the fuck are you doing putting metal in a sandwich anyway?

In the car journey home Two Door Cinema Club came on the radio, those lads always put me in a sterling mood it must be said.

Kristian got Alan, Steven and I tickets for the Chicago Cubs baseball game. We got there with 3 innings to spare after spending $30 on a parking space in some Mexicans front yard. No beer was being served so I settled for some nachos with warm rubbery cheese and jalapeños.

After the game, which the Cubs got annihilated 8-2 in, we went to find a Taco Bell. I had never been to Taco Bell. My favourite food is Mexican, so this should have been sublime. To say I was excited was an understatement. It was shit. I was so disappointed. I felt like I had just got home from 3 years in a foreign country to find that my girlfriend had been sleeping with my best friend, I felt cheated by something I was so fond with. Now y’all may think I’m being overdramatic, which I am, but seriously, this bean burrito tasted like cardboard and the Dorito taco shell wasn’t too dissimilar to my feet after a run, I imagine. Taco Hell.

The amount of water I drink has increased dramatically in the past week. I’m unsure as to why this is, I assume the temperature change. I’ll get back to you on that one though.


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