Day 40



The big 4 0! Congratulations to me for actually doing this for so long, I can’t remember the last thing I’ve started and actually carried out successfully for a long period of time. Especially not gym routines. That 100 workout is impossible and stupid.

I found out there is a new John Mayer album coming out. That man is a genius.

We went to Will’s family’s house for the morning. It the hottest day since I’ve been here, I think it was 32°C or 90F if you want to be all American about it.

I stayed on the sunbed for as long as I could because I always get tempted to go in the pool, so I wanted to prove to myself I wasn’t going to just jump straight in. The beers got brought out and Will produced some spectacular leftovers for all of us, steak, chicken, salad, orange juice, beers. Beautiful.

Here are some of my favourite photos from t’pool:

The swimming and the sun took its toll and our moods quickly went from elation to deflation in a matter of minutes. We arrived at the field with no footballs and no goals to set up and the kids were meant to be arriving in about 5/10 minutes. I invented a game which Alan and I did that ended up being diabolically boring, my shoulders were burnt to smithereens and I was shattered.

After coaching these under 6’s for 45 minutes I had to go to another field and I ended up doing an equally boring drill which should’ve been fun. I would blame myself for being beyond unenthusiastic, but nothing is ever my fault so I’ll blame the weather.

I refereed a game that I had to call off after 30 minutes because of thunder and lightning. This was the sky when I got picked up from the house later that evening:

There is a pizza parlour in Downtown Chicago called Gino’s pizza. It destroyed me physically, it destroyed me emotionally and it destroyed me mentally. This place sells deep-dish pizzas, which are essentially pies. They are an inch thick and have a crust that could be used as a doorstop. We all ordered mediums, the waitress tried to dissuade us and some random guy came out of the kitchen and called us crazy for ordering them. This is the pizza (NB the waitress’ face says it all):

And this is what it did to me:

I will never eat from Gino’s again. My toilet will vouch for that.



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