Day 39



We went Downtown to go for a team meeting, obviously we turned up late because that’s what we’ve done for 4 of the 5 meetings we’ve had. Kristian ran a session which I’m going to steal for my good groups of kids.

It was 27°C, the windows were down, I put my iPod in and played this song and everything was perfect in the world.

I had 20 chicken nuggets, a medium fries and a Hi-C on the way home, life’s good.

We went past a beach and I did this to try and take a picture:

Which worked and this came out:

I came home and went for a run, which is the last time I do that after 20 chicken nuggets. I had to stop off at a building site to go for a piss and a poo in a portaloo because I was so desperate. I also stopped off here to take a quick picture of the view:

This run was the first time ever that I’d ran for over an hour, I was only doing 9 minute miles but in almost 30° heat that’s fine for me.

I came home and Kate told me I smelt bad and then after I said “I’m going for a shower” she asked me why I was going for a shower. Children do ask some funny questions sometimes.

Practice on a Monday’s are always fun because the children listen, but that does mean that there isn’t really much to report back on.

I’m writing this at 2am and I really can’t remember what else happened of interest so I’m just going to end this post here.

Also, can you lot just press the subscribe button on the right hand side, all it does it send you an email saying I’ve posted another thing onto the site. It’s not gonna scam you or give you a virus or nuttin.

Much love.



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