Day 37



I woke up in the foetal position and didn’t move for around an hour, I was desperate for the toilet but I wanted to go back to sleep but I didn’t want to get up. So I just laid there and did neither.

Kristian, Will and I had the illustrious task of putting out goals and flags again, it took us 45 minutes less than last week. We had a game of heads and volleys which turned into me trying to score a scissor kick which turned into me silently nursing my elbow back to full health.

Lindsay promised us Subway’s for emailing us our schedule late and she pulled through with them. Decent footlong sub to start the day off.

Steve picked Kris and I up and we went with Alan to go shopping which was highly unsuccessful. Steve and Kris bought a book (the same one, how cute) and Alan took back some shoes. I tried on at least 15 different snapbacks and every single one made me look like a wally. My hair is in the mid-stage of it being short and long, i.e. my hair is medium length.

I refereed a few games; the first one was a classic encounter between the greys and blues. Blues’ number 17 terrorised the greys all game but failed to score, this could be because she ran clean through on goal and then realised her shoelaces were untied so she just bent down and did them up, letting the other goalkeeper pick the ball up and punt it away. Her coach was going ballistic.

I have a spider that just chills in my closet, I keep forgetting to get rid of it and I’m petrified of going in to get any clothes out because of it. I’ve named it Keith though because that’s a funny, kooky, quirky thing to do.

It’s weird to think that this time last year I was stressing out about A-Levels. Even though I kept on reassuring myself that I didn’t actually need the grades. In hindsight I should’ve just revised. I just started a sentence with “instead of revising I was busy doing…” and then I couldn’t think of anything I did instead of revising. That’s how pointless procrastinating is. Unless you do something worthwhile instead of revising then just revise instead.

I keep having daydreams that stuff like this is gonna start happening if this blog gets a decent following:

I watched the Chicago Fire game with Brent and the kids, Pavel Pardo plays for Fire. He’s almost on the same legendary status as Sherman Cardenas. 95% of you will not understand the the paragraph I’ve just written. 44% of you will not have noticed that I wrote two of the word ‘the’ in the sentence before this one. 71% of statistics are made up on the spot.

I stayed up to watch the LA Lakers vs Denver Nuggets game. Basketball is 19% better than baseball.



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