Day 36




Brent and I watched The Voice USA before I went to practice. We decided this guy should have won instead of Jermaine Paul. Brent called Christina Aguilera a bitch more times in 5 minutes than I’ve heard in my lifetime.

I was listening to Greg James on Radio 1 which inspired this playlist; probably my favourite one I’ve made since being on 8tracks, despite it having less views than any other one I’ve made:

Playlist Here

Just imagine playing on the same football team as David Beckham, just imagine that. It would be amazing. Beyond amazing in fact. Actually, just imagine being in the same room as him. Wow. What a hero.

Whenever I talk to people from home I have very little stories to tell because I write about all the interesting stuff that happens, like that little anecdote about the electrolytes in drinks. I’m sure you were all buzzing after reading that.

I got a reply from Cony from Take Me Out on Twitter, as did Goldberg, who did the most cringeworthy poem to her I have ever witnessed. I also have even less followers than before. Sorry Aneesh, but I know you unfollowed me, you shan’t be forgiven, but you shall be unfollowed back.

After coaching, which dragged on for what seemed like an eternity, I got myself ready to go to a baseball game with Adam, Alan and Jake. It was the Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals. We got there with 3 innings to play. Which equated to us paying $10 per innings. I got told by a black girl who worked in the stadium that she loved me, and Adam got her colleagues number in a matter of minutes. I love being English.

This was our view:

Until someone told us to move to here:

We went to find a Tilted Kilt after which is a grimy version of Hooters which we couldn’t find. So we just went to Hooters instead. 1 burger with fries wasn’t enough, so I ate 6 chicken wings and then stole one of Adam’s too. I still wasn’t full so I came home and had a bowl of Cheerios.

In the bowl was this little bug, what is the point of it? There is absolutely no need for this animal. I don’t even know what it does but it’s clearly useless. Look at it! It is absolutely pointless. I literally watched it land in the milk and then within 30 seconds it stopped moving. Anything that drowns in a millilitre of milk deserves not to live anyway.

I got into bed and all of the food I had just had decided it would like to cuddle my oesophagus, forcing me to lay in the recovery position just in case I choked on chicken wings in my sleep. Laying like this only caused me more pain so I ended up sleeping like one of these weird toys we all had as kids.

These things were one of the best things about my childhood. Along with BN’s.


P.S. Congrats to Ed for subscribing to MarksyyOnTour. Something good will happen in your life sharpish. Trust.


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