Day 35



I woke up to news of these images, they’re unbelievable!

The shower gel I bought a week or so ago is the nicest smelling soap I’ve ever acquired, but when I put my shampoo in the mix of the two really pongs. I don’t understand why though. If you know let me know because it really puzzles me.

I’ve got ¾ of the way through the book my brother bought me for Christmas which I only ever read whilst sitting on the toilet. It’s pretty good and it’s where I get a few of the ideas for how to make this blog seem more relatable. Not saying that the book he got me is relatable at all. It’s about a drug-addict who works in pubs.

My twitter race is going horrifically. If anything I’ve lost more followers than gained any. It’s all the twitterbots that have realised I don’t follow them back and then unfollow me. Like Green Grocer Chicago who “supply Organic and local food/wine/beer under one roof! Coming soon to Texas!” !!!!!!!!!! AMAZING !!!!!!!!

People who argue on YouTube videos are beyond pathetic. See below:

I went with Brent to go food shopping after Will forgot to pick me up from Alan’s house.There was a deal on Lucky Charms. 1 box was $1.88 instead of $4. So we bought 6 boxes of it which made me happy.

That was all that happened. It was a pretty boring day.

Except Brent cooked roughly 400 chocolate chip cookies which made the house smell of dreams and heaven, taped together with love and shoved inside a bag made of paradise.

Also, press the subscribe button on the top right of the page under the picture of me because I’m pretty sure if you do it then something good is likely to happen in your life.



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