Day 34



This song is going to be absolutely huge this summer. Mark my words. Although you may have heard it before, I don’t listen to UK radio anymore.

I had a dream that all of my teeth fell out. I decided to Google why this was so I typed in “Dreams about” and “teeth falling out” was the first suggestion. One theory is that dreams about your teeth reflect your anxieties about your appearance and how others perceive you. I know exactly what this relates to in my life. Although believing in this 100% is as stupid as believing in horoscopes. Which are even more stupid. In fact, horoscopes genuinely anger me. I’m not going to find a wife today because the 2 moons of Venus and Jupiter have collided, I’m not going to get a new job because the stars are in orbit around the Alpha galaxy in a faraway land called DoyleyVille. It’s less believable than someone telling me Tulisa got FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World! Oh wait.

I went out with Red Dress Girl for the afternoon. We went to Panera for lunch. I had celebrity status in there. The woman behind the counter remembered me, weirdo Kate was working there. Whilst I was eating there were 2 families who said hi to me whilst I was eating and all the kids said hi to ‘Coach Josh’. I’m kind of a big deal round here…

We went shopping and I was very very close to buying another pair of shoes but I refrained… and bought some jeans instead. I don’t like buying jeans. They never look good when you try them on in the shop. I also realised that I didn’t bring enough t-shirts out here with me. Going t-shirt shopping is equally as fun as buying strikers on Football Manager. Ok, maybe not as fun. STILL.

Mango is a really fun place. It’s like Subway but for frozen yoghurt. Red Dress Girl got pomegranate with kiwi and some other fruity nonsense on it. I got butter cake mix flavour with bits of cookie on it and m&m’s. I’m such a child.

It was nice weather for coaching and pretending to be a chicken again took its toll, my back was like this:

Steve the Goalie and I went to NorthWestern University (QUIZ: which is where I went to watch sport live?) to play football for a bit and have a kick-about. There weren’t any goals there but we still managed to have a decent time passing, until we became tired and therefore shit. So we called it a night there.

I came home to watch another few episodes of Friday Night Lights which I’ve kind of lost interest in. I’m almost right in the middle of all 5 series right about now but I really can’t be bothered to watch any more episodes. So I won’t. Although I probably will.



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