Day 32



I woke up to see that I had tweeted stuff whilst I was asleep. This confused me, but it turns out it was VA-Garments’ posting stuff on their blog, they have some new clothes out if you wanna check it out. Not really sure what happened with them though, but I know that they will become huge. Idris is the most motivated human I’ve ever met, thus leading me to contemplate whether he is indeed human or not.

It was pissing down when we arrived to our weekly meeting. It carried on raining during the meeting and after the meeting. We played a small 6v6 game. There were 2 captains. I was picked 2nd last. I felt like I was the last kid left at the school gates because their mum forgot to pick them up. It was a sad moment for me. I will cry myself to sleep tonight. Just as well I don’t hold grudges. P.S. captain’s, sleep with one eye open tonight. Twats.

Steve the Goalie drove Kristian and I to McDonalds, everyone who works there is Latin-American. We managed to get a free drink, which the woman then told us we had to pay for, which we didn’t, ‘cause we’re bad ass mothers who don’t take no crap out of nobody.

I came home and ate 4 peanut butter and jam/jelly sandwiches in cinnamon bread, and then ate the rest of Aidan’s mac and cheese that he didn’t want.

If I could coach the team I watch on a Sunday and coach on a Monday every day then my days would be like Monday’s but every day of the week which would be good because Monday’s are good. Monday.

Talking of South-Americans, we had fajitas for dinner. I love Mexican food.

I can’t really work out how this ended up happening, but it did and it was too good an opportunity not to have a photo taken of it.

I can understand why I was 2nd last pick now.



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