Day 31




I have been here for exactly one month. Has it gone quick for you?

This song in no way reflects me wanting to come home, I just like the song.

We woke up after 4 hours sleep to head to a place called Roger’s Park. We got there 15 minutes before it was meant to start and there was nobody there. We walked around this field for about 20 minutes and realised the practice we were meant to be leading definitely wasn’t where we were. I rang our boss who then told us we were at the wrong place which was utterly fantastic news to hear, especially after being deprived of sleep.

We got to the right place an hour and fifteen minutes after we were scheduled to start. Nathaniel was there to save us from having no coaches there at all which means I forgive him for not coming out on the night before, despite us actually going out for his birthday…

It pissed down with rain on the journey back which caused Alan to raise a valid point about how the street lights were on at 12:30 in the afternoon.

We stopped off at a supermarket so I could buy Brent and Kathleen a bottle of wine to apologise for last night. I then explained the whole evening to them whilst sitting on the front porch watching the lightening storms ahead.

Considering the lack of sleep I had my body was coping quite well. I managed to watch my team get smashed 5-1 by Adam’s team that he coaches. We went 1 up as well. I asked Charlie what he felt we need to improve on and he said that we need to score more goals than the other team in future. Excellent tactics from the youngster. Really fucking helpful. Mind you he is only 9.

I got home and made myself some dinner as everyone was out. Whilst it was cooking I made my bed, how inviting does this look to you on a scale of 1-10? To me it’s a 9. I don’t really care how inviting it looks to you by the way.

Getting into bed at 9pm was superb. I’m sleeping so much better out here because I know I never have to be up early in the morning. Going to bed care-free is nice.

I also made another playlist on 8tracks so if you wanna have a listen then click here. I highly recommend it.



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